Buckskin Creations 
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The creation of our Native American ornament line began over 15 years ago. It all began with a 4 piece set comprised of handmade leather items including a teepee, drum, rawhide stretched hoop, and bow, arrow/quiver. Through the years we added new creations including beaded moccasins, beaded cradleboard, canoe, horse, and the brown and white buffalo. Each piece is hand made, stitched, beaded or painted with individual created designs. Items are sold individually or in matching sets. 
We hope you enjoy the ornaments throughout the year.  

Certified Native American made.
Hand crafted leather horse with painted designs and fabric blanket.
Hand crafted leather canoe with wooden seat and painted designs.
Hand crafted leather beaded cradle board with sinew lacing and baby.
Leather hoop with hand painted stretched rawhide and sinew adorned with leather fringes and metal cone findings.
A pair of leather hand beaded miniature moccasins with fringe.
All leather tepee is hand painted with wooden tepee poles.
Bow, Quiver with arrows represents the native hunter and survival. Made from leather and wood with hand painted designs.   $19.95
All right reserved Buckskin Creations LLC 2011-2013
 6"x5"x ¼"
4"x6.5"x ½"
Ornaments $22.50 ea

Now Available Special Edition, the White Buffalo

Coming Soon!!